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All floors are put through a series of rigorous tests in order to comply with international quality standards, which is why we grant an extensive residential warranty with every product.


Due to an integrated pad, the flooring reduces impact sound, echoes and vibrations. An additional underlay is not required, which saves time and money.

Real groove

Bevelled edges on all four sides of the plank ensure an authentic floorboard appearance.


This flooring is amazingly robust due to its super durable surface. Moving furniture or falling objects are not a problem because of its high pressure and impact resistance.

Anti bacterial comfort

A.B.C. Anti Bacterial Comfort inhibits the growth of bacteria on your flooring and provides you with the peace of mind that comes from a healthy home environment. (Tested germs: Staphylococcus aureus).

Warm underfoot

Due to its flexible design layer, the flooring has comfortable haptics and is warm underfoot.

Authentic embossed

The synchronous pores follow the grain of the decor, meaning they flawlessly mimic the character of natural wood.

Microscratch protect

The robust surface protects your flooring against microscratches that can be caused by strong mechanical stresses or the claws of house pets.

Anti-slip class

Safety is something we put great emphasis on. Classification in anti-slip classes has been achieved through specially developed surface structures, which address the requirements for floor coverings in the workplace and commercial areas where a high risk of slipping is present.

Anti-slip class

R9 and R10 according to DIN 51330,
A: according to DIN 51097

Pet proof

Thanks to the robust surface, which is also undaunted by small mishaps, the flooring is exceptionally well-suited for life with house-pets.

Soft touch

The flooring has a soft surface and feels very com-fortable.


The flooring is light-resistant: Even on days when the sun is shining for hours, your flooring remains non fading according to rating 6, the highest level of the Blue Wool Scale.


The flooring provides complete protection against unpleasant shocks. The Anti-static is built-in and guaranteed for the life of the floor.

Surface textures
The look and feel of
real wood and stone

Carpenter Mill Oak (CM)
Authentic Embossed

Old English Oak (OE)
Authentic Embossed

Vintage Hickory (VH)
Authentic Embossed

Historic Oak (HO)
Authentic Embossed

Oiled Slate (OS)
Authentic Embossed

Hand Carved (HC)
Authentic Embossed

Royal Oak (RO)
Authentic Embossed

Ethereal Oak (ET)
Authentic Embossed

Tidal Oak (TO)
Authentic Embossed

Toscana Oak (TN)

Rust (RT)

Antique Stone (AS)

Nature Line (NL)

Urban Stone (US)